SmartPulse技術榮獲“the Ophthalmologist Innovation Awards 2015”十大創新獎

SmartPulse技術榮獲the Ophthalmologist Innovation Awards 2015”十大創新獎

SCHWIND Technology achieves Top Ten of the „Innovation Awards“ SmartPulse is among the product innovations 2015 Kleinostheim, Germany, December 2015 SmartPulse Technology by SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions ranks among the top ten of the „Innovation Awards 2015“. A total of 82 candidates were nominated for the competition initiated by the international publication „The Ophthalmologist“. Apps, IOLs, imagers, lasers, devices and drugs – the applications reflected the wide spectrum of ophthalmology. An independent five-member jury, consisting of ophthalmologists and scientists, evaluated all submitted contributions on criteria such as innovative content and benefit. SmartPulse achieved a top ten position as the only innovation within the area of refractive surgery. SmartPulse, a feature of the SCHWIND AMARIS technology, accelerates visual acuity immediately after treatment. It uses a sophisticated geometric model based on a fullerene structure providing a perfect corneal smoothing. AMARIS patients experience a real „wow effect“, when they notice how well they can see after surgery. SmartPulse improves vision quality in the early postoperative phase of all treatment methods, whether stromal or surface. The effect of a very smooth cornea surface ist most evident with surface treatments, where neither a LASIK flap nor epithelium helps smooth the stromal surface before regeneration.